Prayer for Justice For The Poor And Helpless

Loving Lord, thank You for the wonderful example of Your life, which was lived in spirit and truth. A life that demonstrated love as well as justice, a life that cared for all humanity, especially those who were weak or hurting or marginalized.

We ask that you help us be close to all who are feeling the bitter winds of depression and scarcity in their lives and uphold them with the warming breath of Your love and grace. Keep us from making wrong judgments about those who are suffering affliction or who have been overtaken by the challenges of poverty. Give us a wider perspective on life and a heart of compassion and kindness.

May we become Your eyes and ears and may Your heart of love and grace flow through us to those that are in need. We pray, that through our thoughts and actions, your justice will prevail in each of their lives. We ask this in the name of Jesus,



Courtesy of Julie Marrinucci

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