Hope. Light. Love.

I took this photograph a few days ago but did not post it right away. Initially, I wasn’t sure why, but now I know; now I have something to say. 

This photograph illustrates Hope amidst turmoil, Light despite the dark, Love shining through even the most ominous of scenes. 

Hope. Light. Love. 

Amidst turmoil, let us choose Hope. Let us have Hope in our hearts, and let us anchor that Hope in our Lord.

Despite the dark, let us radiate Light. Let us be Light in this world, and let us draw that Light from our Lord. 

Even through the most ominous of scenes, let us bring Love. Let us share Love with our enemies, and let us embrace Love from our Lord. 

Hope. Light. Love. Even on dark days, even while being afraid, even when we do not know the way, we can choose Hope, we can radiate Light, we can bring Love. 

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