The Quick Stop

Located not far from the Brewster Flats on Cape Cod is this pull over stop where, during specific times of the spring season, spectators can watch the herring run. I recall doing so once when I was a child and being fascinated by the sheer volume of fish swimming upstream, fighting against a fierce current in order to spawn in the location of their own birth. Every time I have passed by that place since, the timing has not been right to see the fish.

Last weekend, driving away from another long and productive photo walk on the Flats, we decided to pull over and check out the area anyways. We knew there would be no herring in sight. It was just going to be a quick stop. I almost left my camera in the car but decided to grab it. Just in case.

To my surprise, far beyond the place I once stood to see the fish, there was… much more to see. And a trail that led off into the brush and which beckoned for my attention.

It was just a quick stop. But I’ll be back.

And in case you were wondering, yes… I was in a dreamy, vivid, mystical kind of mood.

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