The Way I See It: Week 2 – “Warm”

Joey’s Interpretation of “Warm”

This week’s theme is “warm.”

Joey’s Interpretation – I have always been drawn to warm photographs with colors like red, orange, and yellow. When faced with this week’s theme, I immediately knew I wanted to create an image of sunlight. On a photowalk along a nature trail, I spotted this radiant beam of light illuminating the forest floor. The warmth of the sunlight can almost be felt.

Rey’s Interpretation – It’s not the crisp season just yet, but there are faint signals that it approaches. Soon, we’ll be grabbing our fleece pullovers before we head out of the house. When I think warm, I think thermally so and that means a cup of tepid tea. Lately, it’s of the ginger variety. It’s good for the joints, reduces inflammation (seriously) and takes the sting out of any crisp we might encounter.

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