The Way I See: Week 3 – “Vibrant”

Joey’s Interpretation of “Vibrant”

This week’s theme is “vibrant.”

Joey’s Interpretation – Of course, the first thing that came to mind when I contemplated “vibrant” was the notion of vivid colors. I envisioned capturing a beautiful sunrise with clouds painted orange and purple. However, it ended up being this light cottage that caught my eye as I walked towards the beach for sunrise that truly represents my interpretation of vibrant for this week. Vibrant can also mean full of energy; as I gaze at this scene, I think of a family’s love and how important home is to the cultivation of strong familial bonds. I don’t know the residents of this house; rather, I see this cottage and envision a fictitious family, full of energy, living their lives here. The sunrise still found a way to participate in my submission this week, but not in the way I had originally anticipated. For me, this photograph showcases the vibrancy of a family home.

Rey’s Interpretation – Vibrancy is about color and though I have been focusing on black and white imagery more recently, I took the opportunity over the past week to look for color. This image is one of many that I could have used. I walked along the ocean, photographed a beach boardwalk, and picked apples in an orchard. The opportunities for vibrancy abounded nearly every day. But the one I selected here appealed to me because of the cooler blues and greens, which I tweaked up in post, and because of the offsetting gray barn. I appreciate the contrast.

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