The Way I See It: Week 4 – “Turning”

Joey’s Interpretation of “Turning”

This week’s theme is “turning.”

Joey’s Interpretation: It may very well be impossible to live in New England during autumn, be tasked with capturing the notion of “turning,” and not end up capturing the beautiful summer-to-fall transition. Autumn is my favorite season; I relish the fleeting weeks in which we watch the leafs decent from above our heads to below our feet. The green turns to red, yellow, orange, and then ultimately brown. This leaf had just begun its journey; it had just begun its turning.

Rey’s Interpretation: Turning. Leaves turn colors as seasons advance, as Joey notes above. Things turn, spin, revolve, change. So, during the week, I set out to photograph exactly that. Things. Wheels turn. Playground fixtures turn. Ceiling fans turn. Many possibilities. Few photographs worth making. But then it hit me. I am turning (spinning, revolving, changing). So, I looked upward and photographed exactly that. [Note: this effect is achieved by spinning, using a slow shutter speed and zooming the lens backward all at the same time.]

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