The Way I See It: Week 6 – “Mood”

Joey’s Interpretation of “Mood”

This week’s theme is “Mood.”

Joey’s Interpretation: This time in my life has been a time of patience, a time of waiting, a time of growing and learning and changing. So much is made of what will happen later, in the future, tomorrow’s tomorrow, but what about today? What about now? Did the caterpillar know he wouldn’t see another sunrise until he emerged from his cocoon? If he’d known, would he have made the same choices? Maybe the thrill of flight drove the caterpillar in; maybe the thought of a hoped for tomorrow where he can fly instead of crawl keeps him going, keeps him growing. That’s my mood today.

Rey’s Interpretation: Doing what I love. Doing it where I love it most. I’m spending an extended period of time on the road, driving around National Parks in the American West and photographing. And thinking. And deciding. This week, given that the theme is mood, I decided to use an image that reflects my mood. Consider it my happy place.

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