The Way I See It: Week 7 – “Chaos”

Joey’s Interpretation of “Chaos”

This week’s theme is “Chaos.”

Joey’s Interpretation: I try to always have a subject in my photographs, somewhere for the viewer to rest their eyes, a focal point. That subject gives my artwork structure, consistency, order. So how did I interpret this week’s theme of Chaos? I creatively rejected structure and consistency and order; where is your eye drawn? Everything is the same, but everything is different. There is no subject. Nothing is stable, nothing is sure. For me, this is photographic Chaos.

Rey’s Interpretation: I’m in Utah and the images I’m making out here are of the natural world. Striking vistas. Beautiful landscapes. Not a lot of chaos around me. But then, early this morning, I set out to photograph sunrise at (or actually, through) the Mesa Arch in Canyonlands National Park. I’ll be posting those images here at some point, but what you won’t see in those is the crowd of photographers jockeying for position. I decided to photograph the chaotic scene behind me.

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