The Way I See It: Week 8 – “Poor”

Joey’s Interpretation of “Poor”

This week’s theme is “Poor.”

Joey’s Interpretation: Just a few short weeks ago, this tree was rich; it had leaves to spare. It was dressed in a vibrant array of green, and it could withstand the strongest storms without a worry. But things never stay the same. The days grew colder, the nights grew longer, and this tree began to change. At first it was subtle, a tinge of orange here, a fallen leaf there. As time went by, this tree could not stop the wind from stealing its treasures; it could not prevent the cold from consuming its beauty. And now here the tree sits, with just a smattering of brown and yellow leaves, a poor showing for this once mighty tree. In many ways, it has been made poor. I cannot help but see humanity’s story in this tree.

Rey’s Interpretation: Interesting that “poor” should be this week’s theme as I have been reflecting on the notion of poverty as virtue because this Sunday’s Gospel is on that point. Expect to see a related homily. The idea that continues to follow me is that poor means absence, doing without. So, I made an abstract interpretation by setting up the shot below. I was trying to invoke a feeling of desolation, emptiness, and lacking.

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