The Way I See It: Week 13 – “Jarring”

Joey’s Interpretation of “Jarring”

This week’s theme is “Jarring.”

Joey’s Interpretation: Wake up. Live the day. Do work. Complete tasks. Get some sleep. Wake up. Live the day. . . . A pattern. A routine. Sameness. Then one night a soft gentle snow paints your world white. The neighboring houses’ Christmas lights twinkle. The still air is crisp and clean. Everything feels calm and settled, resting beneath a blanket of snow. The difference between this simple moment and the monotonous merry go round of life is clear; the contrast is jarring.

Rey’s Interpretation: The first to arrive would have far, far more than bragging rights. This would be settled once and for all. And if I’m being honest about it, this was more about him losing than me winning. And I actually thought I had it. So close, but then as we rounded the last curve, he flashed by me and before I could even record the thought that this was going to him, it happened. Like lightening or a meteor landing from space. And then, that was that.

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