The Way I See It: Week 16 – “Jolly”

Joey’s Interpretation of “Jolly”

This week’s theme is “Jolly.”

Joey’s Interpretation: The Savior of the Universe is born to us on Christmas morning. This radiant truth brings forth jolly feelings of joy and light. Merry Christmas!

Rey’s Interpretation: My favorite part of this “The Way I See It” project is opening up the draft post that Joey always begins and seeing his interpretation just as I’m about to add my own. To this point, we have typically diverged in our take on a particular theme. Not this week.

When I think about “jolly”, I can’t help but think about Santa and all the secular trappings of Christmas that are wonderful, festive and memorable, but not exactly connected to the actual holiday. So, I decided to go with another theme. A theme right out of Joey’s book. Our treatments (color versus black and white) certainly don’t exactly line up, though.

Also, I have always been struck by Mary’s hand in this particular creche. What exactly is the artist suggesting? Hailing to the newborn Son of God? Caution to those approaching? I wonder…

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