The Way I See It: Week 17 – “A New”

Joey’s Interpretation of “A New”

This week’s theme is “A New.”

Joey’s Interpretation: Used. Worn out. Chipped paint and corners of rust. Forgotten. Tired. Left in a field to rot. Once useful, necessary, important. When was that again? A day gone by, someone else’s time. If only it could begin again, it would. A new farm, a new purpose, a new day. But it cannot; it’s time is over. Not so for us. With this new year, if we feel worn out and tired, with chipped paint and corners of rust, let’s begin again, let’s start a new, and let’s pursue our purpose with newfound zeal and vigor.

Rey’s Interpretation: There have been times when the repetition, the redundancy and the predictability of the tides underwhelmed, even bored me. What’s so interesting about a recurring pattern, a fully certain course, a sure return?

But now, I take comfort in such things. Each new cycle offers another chance, a renewal, and hope. The possibility of something else. Something better, even.

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