The Way I See It: Week 18 – “Rigor”

Joey’s Interpretation of “Rigor”

This week’s theme is “Rigor.”

Joey’s Interpretation: So begins my final semester of law school. The readings are interesting yet dense, complex yet commonsensical, meaningful yet overwhelming. The rigors of the experience are challenging but also rewarding. Line by line, case by case, class by class, year by year, my peers and I have grown and developed as thinkers. What a gift.

Rey’s Interpretation: “A severe or harsh circumstance” according to the online dictionary. This is what rigor means (among other things). I happened to have my camera with me as I progressed through the Starbucks Drive-Thru this morning and the light reflecting off of the car in front of me as the employee was handing the driver his order caught my attention. Without any thought at all, I took this shot. Then, a few second later, when it was my turn, I asked the barista how she was doing. Apparently, she was having a rough morning. The lingering pandemic has made staffing quite difficult at Starbucks (and just about every other place, of course) but, unfortunately, many customers don’t realize the challenges the workers face… and take their frustrations out on them. Her work environment seems, to me, to be “a severe or harsh circumstance” right now and I felt sorry for her and her coworkers.

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