The Way I See It: Week 21 – “Shadows”

Joey’s Interpretation of “Shadows”

This week’s theme is “Shadows.”

Joey’s Interpretation: She loved him, She really did, and there was a time when She had wanted to make it work. But things weren’t like they once were, and his goals and dreams had changed somewhere along the way. The once warm embrace now felt cold, distant. The once tender caress now felt stiff, forced. There was a time when together they’d bask in radiant sunshine, but now his presence blocked the light from reaching Her face. “I deserve more,” She thought. And with that, She stepped out of the shadows and into something new.

Rey’s Interpretation: Photography is about “painting with light” and shadows are one of the photographic artist’s most useful tools. It’s one I deploy often, but because this week presented a focus entirely on shadows, I thought I would look for a scene with that as a particular point of emphasis.

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