The Way I See It: Week 23 – “Doubt”

Joey’s Interpretation of “Doubt”

This week’s theme is “Doubt.”

Joey’s Interpretation: “What is this?” “What are those?” “Who are they?” “Who am I?” In a world of new, with nothing to fall back on, he looks and listens, absorbing, learning. “This makes me happy.” “This makes me sad.” “This confuses me.” “This scares me.” Soon he’ll know, soon he’ll understand. But until then . . . he’s full of doubt.

Photo by Rey Spadoni

Rey’s Interpretation: I stand here at a watershed moment of my own making. There’s progress, yes, affirmations, sure. But I still wonder. I still ponder this.

And here at the pause, I look to one side and the direction seems clear, clearer than ever. Straight and forward… it beckons.

Yet, here I remain.

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