The Way I See It: Week 24 – “Stir Crazy”

Joey’s Interpretation of “Stir Crazy”

This week’s theme is “Stir Crazy.”

Joey’s Interpretation: Remembering. Boating out on the river, my hand dipping into the cool water, the gentle breeze rustling my hair. Remembering. Walking along a woodland path, my eyes absorbing the vibrant colors, the spring flowers sharing their enchanting perfumes. Remembering. Sitting in a comfortable seat, my face tilted up towards the glorious sunshine, the sun’s warmth enveloping me in its calming embrace. Living. A cold and windy day. Living. Another snowstorm in the forecast. Living. Darkness in the morning and darkness at night. Winter can be beautiful at times, but the thought of Spring makes me stir crazy.

Photo by Rey Spadoni

Rey’s Interpretation: After a string of cold and shadowy days, I was ready to enjoy the unseasonably warm weather. Steph and I headed out onto a new trail and enjoyed escaping the typical bonds of winter. It was freeing, to say the least. But then we happened upon a pen filled with goats, bleating in excitement as we approached. When they saw that we weren’t there to feed them, most lost interest quickly and wandered over to the other side of the fenced in area. But one lingered, with sad and longing eyes, seemingly hoping for our attention. Numerous bright yellow signs instructed us not to touch the electrified fence, so we held back. But this one goat remained. Steph and I wondered whether he (or she?) was jealous of our freedom.

We passed by while this one remained. Held inside.

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