The Way I See It: Week 25 – “Wander”

Joey’s Interpretation of “Wander”

This week’s theme is “Wander.”

Joey’s Interpretation:
Endless marching, to the beat of a distant drummer.
Strict timing, one foot then the other.
Rigid expectations, an absence of individuality.
Set destinations, no detours for exploring.

But what if . . . ?

Patient reflection, striving towards awareness.
Calm being, focusing inward rather than outward.
Gentle loving, caring about the happiness of others.
Peaceful wandering, leaving space for discovery.

Photo by Rey Spadoni

Rey’s Interpretation: Ah… to wander. It’s one of my favorite things to do, most especially along a seashore. So, it’s a self portrait of me doing just that this week. I must say that this took some doing, balancing my camera on a boulder, getting out to that spot in under 10 seconds – the time allowed by my camera’s timer – and striking the exact right pose… but I’m happy with the results. [Confession: This image was enhanced after the fact in post. For example, the birds and position of the sun, cloud structure, lighting, etc… it’s all part of my fanciful take on how I feel when I’m wandering by the ocean.]

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