The Way I See It: Week 27 – “Together”

Joey’s Interpretation of “Together”

This week’s theme is “Together.”

Joey’s Interpretation: We all come from the same place. We all start out together. We break through and grow as one. But then life happens. You go this way; I go that way. Some flourish while others don’t. She may feel more sunlight than her; he may get more water than him. We all may start out together, but we don’t end together. We choose a path in life, or a path chooses us. In the end, what matters is what we do with what we have been given.

Rey’s Interpretation: To any observer, she was simply out there, completely alone.

But she was there to look upward and outward, to feel something. To be. It was this apparent aloneness, at the shore, that helped her feel most accompanied.

Upward. Outward. She was grateful for the company.

Photo by Rey Spadoni

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