It’s a Small World After All?

I see wide. I shoot wide. I think in big expanses and broad panoramas. And lately, I’ve been fighting the urge.

Followers of this blog may recall that I’ve been trying to get closer and see smaller when it comes to my photography (and interestingly, in general).

So, I had a unique opportunity recently to spend one very long day walking around Magic Kingdom in Disney World (think: almost 25,000 steps). My inclination was to put a wide angle lens on my camera and aim at the big things, like castles and fireworks. But this time, in keeping with my quest, I thought I’d take just one little lens along – a 40mm equivalent, which essentially forced the issue. I did it as a challenge. Also, I know that Disney pays attention to the small stuff so I thought I would too.

This is what I saw across the 25,000 steps…

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