The Way I See It: Week 31 – “Faith”

Joey’s Interpretation of “Faith”

This week’s theme is “Faith.”

Joey’s Interpretation:

What is faith?
Is it inarguable evidence persuading you towards a sure thing?
Is it jaw-dropping miracles filling you with awe and wonder?
Is it logical sequences reasoning you to an inescapable conclusion?
Or is it an invitation, an outstretched hand from a friend, calling you inside, calling you home.

Rey’s Interpretation: I had anticipated, given the theme and its timing, presenting something here that was either abstract or metaphorical. But then, two days ago, sitting in an Adoration chapel… I saw it. The perfect visual representation of the story of my own faith, encapsulated perfectly in three visuals corresponding to the holiest of days.

All right here…

Photo by Rey Spadoni

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