The Way I See It: Week 33 – “Hope”

Joey’s Interpretation of “Hope”

This is the final week of our project–“The Way I See It: Thirty-Three Different Perspectives.” Our final theme is “Hope.”

Joey’s Interpretation:

Though the path may seem daunting
And the way feels fraught with peril,
Staring downward at the rubble and ruin
Will yield no answers or solace.

In times of struggle, in times of strife,
Hope is something you can find all around
If only you remember that there is a light shining above you,
And all you need to do is look up.

Rey’s Interpretation: From the very moment I realized that the theme for this, the final week of our project, was hope, I knew what I wanted to shoot. Trails as a photographic subject has been a theme of mine over the past year as I have realized that the route to beauty was, for me, beauty itself. I get that this could be all about the power of association, but I have begun to realize that the trails themselves are what draw me to the landscape.


It’s about proceeding and discovery. Moving forward through the unknown and toward something else, something better. This is, for me, the essence of hope.

Life is the hike.

Photo by Rey Spadoni

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