We Who Feel

To the arrogant, the aloof, the airy, and the afraid;
The bastards, the backwards, the bozos, and the begrudged;
The callous, the cold, the clever, and the cunning . . . you are accepted, beloved, and cared-for.

To the damaged, the defiant, the devious, and the desperate;
The envious, the effervescent, the elfish, and the enraged;
The fearful, the frightened, the forgetful, and the foolish . . . you are delightful, eminent, and favored.

To the gluttonous, the guarded, the greedy, and the ghoulish;
The headstrong, the humorless, the harsh, and the heartbroken;
The irritating, the irksome, the inapt, and the ignorant . . . you are gilded, honored, and illuminated.

We see your suffering.
We hear your crying.
We feel your pain.

We know that you are hurting.
We understand that you are grieving.
We accept that you are not who you believed you could be.

We touch your suffering, your crying, your pain, and we transform it with love, we who feel.

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