“Take My Hand”

The sun is shining, and you can hear birds chirping in the canopy above your head.
With a cluttered mind, you walk along the gravel path towards the temple.
The structure has no walls, just an arching roof supported by a rectangle of wooden columns.
You ascend a few steps and place your bare feet upon the polished mahogany floor.

This is a place of calm, quiet, clarity, and compassion.
There resides a still pool of water in the center of the temple, only a few inches deep.
Men and women sit cross-legged on cushions, eyes closed, peaceful looks upon their faces.
You glance around the space, taking in the stillness and the tranquility.

Then you notice a Man smiling at you, with a look of pure love in His eyes.
He gestures at a cushion next to His, and you make your way slowly towards Him.
You descend to your assigned spot and close your eyes, to collect your thoughts.
What should I talk about, you think to yourself.

You and the Man sit together in silence for a time, enjoying the cool breeze.
He appears content just to sit with you; you are not wasting His time.
Then you decide to speak: “Master, I am confused.”
“Yes,” He replies, “these are confusing times.”

You fall silent again, breathing in and out, realizing that each breath is a gift from Him.
The Man stirs, seeming to know what is in your heart.
“Take my hand.”
You take His hand.

You don’t have to say anything.
You don’t have to do anything.
You don’t have to make anything.
You can just be who you are in this moment with Him.

After awhile, you realize it is time to go.
You smile at the Man, and gently squeeze His hand–a sign of gratitude.
He smiles at you as you stand up and begin walking towards the exit.
You leave the temple, the cushions, the still pool, and the Man.

. . . And you open your eyes and return to your life, refreshed and ready to be who you were made to be, to do what you were born to do.

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