The Necessity of Not Having

How can we appreciate what we have without first not having it? How can we treasure something we’ve never lived without?

Walking barefoot upon the Earth is like kissing the land with each step. Few things can help anchor us to the present moment better than the gentle tickle of the grass against our toes. But without wearing dress socks, leather shoes, and walking miles and miles on cold asphalt, how can we appreciate the intimate and special experience of walking barefoot?

When we suffer, we are invited to acknowledge the necessity of not having, and in so doing, we can cultivate an environment within ourselves in which true happiness can flourish.

Do not be angry with your deprivation—celebrate it.

Do not be jealous of those who possess what you want—learn from it.

Accept and marvel at your suffering, for because of it, you have the opportunity to discover the path to lasting happiness.

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