Deep Roots

There has been a deification of democracy in this country, but democracy may not actually be the best vehicle for social change. Convincing those in power to give up that power is nearly impossible, and amassing a majority requires unholy unions between warring factions and disparate ideologies. Society has used tyrannical, judicial, and religious power to shape policy and practices, but what about simple relationships, what about touching hearts and minds?

I believe lasting social change can be achieved by teaching young people, planting seeds in the next generation, seeds that will grow into trees the shade of which we will never sit under. It is a selfless act. Usually we want change and we want it now, but perhaps a more effective way to refine our society, to cull behaviors that encourage suffering, is through the education and mentoring of young people. The seedlings of today will become the forests of tomorrow, so let’s strive to give them deep roots.

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