The Picture Within

I wandered around this lighthouse for an hour taking photographs and searching for a unique and interesting composition. Despite my perseverance, however, nothing presented that truly captured the scene in a way that felt compelling to me. In fact, the word “cliche” kept going through my mind as I pursued the image. Sunny day. Puffy clouds in a blue sky. Bright and beaming ocean backdrop. The stately near ancient lighthouse. We’ve all seen this a million times before.

So, I gave up. I walked down a short and curved path to the parking area and past the old, calico shadowed cinderblock wall that separated the scene from my departure.

I took another look back, not really hoping for anything in particular, and then I saw it. There was an opening, a window of sorts in the wall, and I took one final glance at the lighthouse. The opening framed the scene perfectly and I thought to myself: “perhaps this is it… perhaps I see a picture within.”


  1. Amazing photo and I love that it coalesced just when you stopped trying to find the right shot. Reminds me a little of the book The Inner Game of Tennis, if you know it…


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