Enough With the Rocks and Trees, Please

There are 49,327 images in my photo library. Some are quite good and I’m proud of these. Some are treasured memories of family members now passed, scenes from earlier times which spark welcome memories, and souvenirs from days I enjoy remembering. Others are in there because they document, archive, and essentially prove an existence. And then there are the rocks and trees ones. I like walking through nature and as I scroll though my library, I delight in the fact that I’ve walked through some pretty amazing and far flung places. But then some of them are from the park down the street. The image above is one such example. I have lots… and lots… of these types of photos in there.

Readers of this blog will soon see that I will be starting a new chapter. One that seeks, with optimism yet also trepidation, to introduce something else, something – for me – quite new.

I’m hoping there will visual evidence of this claim in the coming days.

Fingers crossed…

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