Technical perfection is fool’s gold

Rey Spadoni-0590-wm

Most photographers love gear.  Love extracting the highest levels of quality from it.  Love getting more and more and more of it.  This all goes with the territory and so is to be expected.

Knowing this, all those engaged in earning a living and generating profits in any and all endeavors associated with this craft will throw ample quantities of gasoline on this fire.  As a result, we are constantly introduced to:

Infomercials masquerading as content.

Upgraded bodies and lenses that squeeze more megapixels, better low light performance, greater contrast and clarity or any number of other essentially meaningless features into the latest and greatest rendition.

‘Become-a-better-photographer’ training programs (and while you’re at it, regrow hair on your head and get rich quick too).

Post-processing shortcuts (e.g., “presets”) that promise nonsensical one click pathways to artistry.  Ugh.

We photographers are the horses being led to this water.  We are the target market.  We are the fish in this barrel.

Marketers offer these and other measures to show the value of their wares.  More megapixels.  More social media likes.  More usable pixels at insanely high ISOs.  More convenience because of smaller and lighter kits.  More, more, more, more…

more technical perfection.

What’s near impossible to measure?  How about an eye for creating compelling composition?  Or an ability to tell a story by freezing one single instant in time?  Or what about evoking emotion from the viewer?  Or seeing and expressing the movement of light across the ordinary… rendering it extraordinary?  Or how about artistry?

Can’t sell stuff related to those things.

So… what would you rather be?

A consumer?

Or an artist?

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