Indian Brook Trail

Rey Spadoni-0659-wm

A few hours to spare, spliced in between prior compromises and emerging commitments.

Camera.  Thoughts.  Reflections.  It was clear to me that this was relief, a remedy.

A prayer.

Rey Spadoni-0655-wm

Rey Spadoni-0645-wmRey Spadoni-0635-wmRey Spadoni-0625-wm

Once again, a choice.  Regardless of path or circumstance.  Still…

… a choice to make.

Rey Spadoni-0663-wm


  1. Hey Rey,
    Frank here. Very nice quiet reflective moments. I get the distinct impression the choices you mention involve more than just choosing which path to cross.

    Hope all is well my friend…in either case, I will offer a prayer for you and your family…

    Frank Villafañe & Rose Rios

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