A Little Clone Stamping Can Go A Long Way

Do you find post-processing intimidating? Does the prospect of rearranging the pixels of your image sound daunting? Well, it shouldn’t be. Check out what a few minutes in Photoshop did for this image I took at the zoo. The original is on the left, the altered one is on the right.


Nowadays, Photoshop can be used to erase pimples, smooth skin, and shrink waists. It is capable of changing the very essence of a photograph so as to completely corrupt any photographic integrity it may have had originally. But what about this image of the elephant? If my intention as a photographer was to trick my viewers into thinking that I came across this beast in the wild, then perhaps my use of Photoshop was misleading. But if instead my goal was simply to enhance the viewing experience for my audience, where is the harm in that?

Take some time to learn how to clone stamp your images. Maybe you have no interest in airbrushing portraits, but perhaps you can make a few small changes, like I did to this image of an elephant, and turn a basic photo into a – dare I say – better one.

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