And in a Moment, the Smile Returned

Rey Spadoni-0708-wm

She remembers being just two miles from the beach, a well worn 40 minute walk away with friends.  These were the days of her youth.

Decades and decisions removed her from the salt and sand, from oceanside memories with now departed brothers and sisters and friends.  She had many… but they are gone.  All now are gone.

I was with her on this day, before others joined us.  When they arrived, she was herself, smiling, joking.  But for a few minutes before, when it was just the two of us, I could see her look at the sand, survey the surf, and recall.  She stared out and said simply but in a broken tone, a tear-filled one: “I’m at the beach”.  I asked her to repeat and she said: “oh… nothing… it’s beautiful here.”  And in a moment, the smile returned.

This image is of that very moment.

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