Three Hundred and Sixty-Five Attempts at Finding What I Once Found

I’ve lost something. Can you help me find it?

Driving home from Cape Cod, I was so excited. I was heading home early from a weekend getaway to pick up a package that had been delivered to my side door. The small cardboard box contained a Fujifilm x100s. After opening it up, charging the battery and attaching a camera strap, my life would never be the same.

I sold my Nikon d7000, my 50mm f1.8, 70-300mm, and 16-85mm lenses. I got a red rope strap and started tossing my x100s in a plastic grocery shopping bag before putting it my backpack. My camera came everywhere with me, and my portfolio reflected it.

I took pictures all the time, at parties, on the way to class, with friends, with family, alone. I captured moments, faces, and places. I started seeing in 35mm, and composing photographs in my mind’s eye. I was happy and fulfilled. What more could I ask for?

Photography become such a large part of my life, that it ultimately become my full time job! I purchased a different camera, started using my employer’s photography equipment and slowly, I lost touch with my 35mm eyes. I stopped documenting my life, I stopped taking portraits of the many beautiful people around me, and worst of all, I stopped being an artist. Don’t get me wrong, I love making a living by taking pictures, but I miss making art. I once knew how, but I’ve now forgotten.

Over the next 365 days, I will post one picture a day. I purchased a Fujifilm x100f and took it out for a photo-walk with my dad. I will post my first picture of this project later tonight. Each photograph will be an attempt… an attempt at finding what I once found – fulfillment, meaning, pleasure, and purpose with my photography. I want to see in 35mm again. Will you help me?


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