Introducing the “52 Projects Project” (plus next week’s theme)

52 weeks

About 15 months ago, I completed a 365 Day Project (see here).  It was designed to help me see my surroundings more clearly and to bring greater intentionality to my photography.  It surely did.  And it was an unusually eventful 365 day period – much happened.  That probably contributed to its success… in a way.  On the other hand, it was stressful to take and post one photo every day.  I sweated it, especially on the busiest of days when taking and posting a photograph was not high on my list of priorities.  If you go back and review the project summary by clicking the above link, you’ll see that I had other things on my mind much of the time.

But I’ve been thinking about firing up the engine again, trying to complete another 365 Day Project…

And now that Joey is nearing the completion of his 365 Attempts project (introduced here) in the coming few days, coupled with the fact that we are beginning a new year soon, I’ve really been thinking about it a lot.

So, here goes: Introducing the 52 Projects Project.  As I’ve thought about it, I realized that having a camera with me at all times (or at least most times) was very helpful.  Most of us have a capable camera with us always in the form of a cellphone (and I certainly relied on my iPhone during the last go around), but the days when I had a “real” camera were most productive and enjoyable.  When I had a cellphone, I felt like a field reporter, but when I had a camera, I felt like a photographer.

And the pressure of not grabbing a shot wasn’t always productive or helpful.  Getting up at 3AM to grab an image of the railing outside my bedroom accomplished little other than allowing me to check one more off the list.  That was a drag.

So, this time I’m going to endeavor to have a (real) camera with me at all times and to shoot with (real) intent.  Each week, I’m going to undertake a project with a specific theme, such as “signs”, “mirrors” or “hope”.  Everything I post that week will represent or fit this theme.  Sometimes the alignment will be obvious; I suspect there will be times when it’s going to be more of a stretch.  I’ll pre-announce the theme the prior week (typically on a Friday) and then get to working on it.  Oh, and if I miss a day, I won’t sweat it.  No more pictures of railings at 3AM.

The photo above is of my notes containing 52 project ideas.  I suspect I won’t go in exact order and I predict the list will change.  Some possibilities will drop off, others will be added.  Again, I’m not sweating the small stuff this time.  The goal, once again, is to see.

Oh yeah, one more thing.  The cameras in my possession at the start of project 1 will be the ones I will use throughout and will still be in my possession at the conclusion of project 52.  No others will be added.  [Small print: this of course may be amended if a camera fails, is stolen, etc. and needs to be replaced… but, exclusive of any extreme conditions such as these, this rule will hold.]

Because it’s Friday, I’m announcing next week’s project (i.e., Project 1).  The theme is:  Leading Lines.


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