Not yet six full months have gone by since he left us… so I do think about him every day.  I sometimes wonder whether that will always be the case.

This photo was taken hastily using the panorama mode on my cellphone.  I emailed it off to my brothers without much thought, or any thought actually, and so was surprised when Rob printed a copy for himself and for dad.  This was found in his home after his passing.

I didn’t see it at the time, but this image… quickly composed, technically flawed, slightly unbalanced… and without even so much as a hint of his face… somehow captured the man.  He was right there in his longtime backyard – his own patch of green – shortly before departing it for the assisted living center.  In it he roamed, constructed antennae to support his amateur radio passion, mowed, barbecued, poked about, lived and felt free.

And you’re free.  

And I miss you.

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