Announcing Project #7

Photo by Joey Spadoni

I’m altering the formula. Mixing things up.

For Project #7, I have brought in co-blogger and collaborator, Joey, who is offering some guidance and suggesting a theme. Then, at its completion, he will judge and curate what is presented back here.

From Joey: “Over the course of the week, take three photographs with a clear and distinct subject. These images should direct the viewer’s eyes to a particular place in the frame. A subject can be clear by being the only thing in the composition, but that isn’t what I am talking about. Try to capture three images (distinct images, not a series) that make it clear what the subject is and that the viewer can identify readily.”

Unlike weeks 1 through 6, I won’t be solely determining which images to post. It will be a joint decision, though I’ll be deferential to Joey’s assessment. It is, after all, his assignment.

Results coming next Thursday.

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