Project 33: Miniature Mode


Joey Spadoni

Let’s just call a spade a spade – I was critical. An advanced filter to make objects appear toy-sized; why would I want to use that? For years, my Dad has been touting miniature mode, a camera feature that blurs the top and bottom of the frame, adds punchy colors and has a way of shrinking the content of the photograph. Gimmick, I’d call it, but then I actually gave it a chance…

I’ve posted the image before, a scene from Fenway Park on a hot August evening. I’d won a pair of coveted seats in the historic ballpark and treated my Dad to a fun evening of professional baseball. Of all the images I took that night, the one that endures just so happens to be a miniature mode shot. Ironic, really. Over the past year, I’ve dabbled with the creative filter, and I’ve really come around on it. Dad, maybe you were on to something…

Joey Spadoni

And now my Dad’s photographs.

… yes, perhaps I was on to something. I have captured some really interesting shots through the years using this feature; sadly, though… none this past week. Just wasn’t in the right place at the right time, I guess. It’s best to be top down on a scene as it offers a nice diorama effect, which I rather enjoy. Over the past week, I was largely ground level. Figuratively and literally (choir loft shot as the lone exception).

Rey Spadoni
Rey Spadoni
Rey Spadoni

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