Why Photography: 365 Becauses

Because 1
Because 001

Why do we take pictures? For some, images serve as helpful reminders, visual memories that help us linger among the fragments of our pasts. For others, photos are pieces of artwork that capture glorious oceanside sunsets, mountain ranges thousands of miles away from our homes, or rainforests densely populated with an assortment of wildlife. But why do I take pictures?

This is an important question, and I have a confession to make: I do not have an answer. I use to be a professional photographer; I got paid to capture cocktail parties, football games, and portraits for press releases, but those days are over. I do consider myself an artist; I have a portfolio, and I’ve enjoyed displaying my artwork. I snap photos at family parties and when I am with friends to help me remember those special moments. But why photography? Why do I take pictures? With such a powerful photo-capturing devise now embedded in my smart-phone, why do I even have a robust camera anymore?

I have had two major photographic eras in my life: pre-professional and professional. Now, I am back in school and rapidly approaching a new career. I have entered the third era: post-professional, but I do not yet know what this chapter will bring.

In an attempt to answer this question, I have decided to embark on a 365-day journey where I will be capturing and posting one image a day on this blog, and then compiling them in an e-book afterwards. Each image will serve as its own “because” to this philosophical question. My hope is that I will discover what my creative interests are, when I enjoy taking pictures, and where I want to take my artwork next. In short, I want to be able to answer this simple question in 365 days: why photography?


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