The Way I See It: Thirty-Three Different Perspectives

“Show others how you see the world; take images that matter, images only you could take.”

What do these statements mean? How do we show others how we see the world? What are images that matter? Why capture images only you could take?

In The Way I See It: Thirty-Three Different Perspectives, Rey and Joey will do more than simply address these questions; they will showcase the way they see and share images that matter to them, images only they could have taken. Over the course of thirty-three weeks, Rey and Joey will each tackle a new simple and abstract concept each week, and their results will illustrate the sharp differences in their interpretations and creations.

Every photographer has something unique about themself that deserves to be shared in their images. This project hopes to encourage photographers to show others how they see the world with images that matter and images that only they could have taken. 

At the end of this project, Rey and Joey hope to have illustrated their answers to the questions proffered above. Keep an eye out every Wednesday for their weekly submission.

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