The Way I See It: Week 1 – “Beginnings”

Joey’s interpretation of “Beginnings”

Today marks the official beginning of The Way I See It: Thirty-Three Different Perspectives.

Over the course of this project, we will do more than simply address the questions posed in the initial post; we will showcase the way we see and share images that matter to us, images only we could have taken. Over the course of thirty-three weeks, we will each tackle a new simple and abstract concept each week, and our results will illustrate the sharp differences in our interpretations and creations.

This week, the theme was “Beginnings.”

Joey’s Interpretation – How do you capture the beginning, and what beginning should be captured? School has started up again, the leafs have begun to change colors, but no . . . when an unexpected beginning appeared before my eyes, I had to capture it. In the above photograph, a caring grandmother gazes lovingly upon her newest grandchild; this tender moment represents the beginning of an endless relationship of love that will span eternity. How lucky was I to witness such a beginning.

Rey’s Interpretation – I’m no stranger to forks in the road, whether figuratively or literally. This particular one, at a park near my home, is one I have photographed through the seasons many times. I find it scenic, peaceful, representative. More often than not, my interest lies in the choices it represents. Do I bear left… or do I hug right? Fork in the road. What to do? But for this image, with the theme of “Beginnings”, I thought I would place myself in the frame using a long exposure, on a timer of course so that I could jump in. You’ll see, however, that I’m not frozen at the fork. I’m choosing. I’m moving. It’s a new beginning for me, starting now.

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