The Promise: A Children’s Homily by Deacon Alan Doty

Do you think promises are important? Does your Mom or Dad ever make promises to you? My Dad used to promise to take me on a special trip if I did good in school. I felt really happy when that promise came true! 

God thinks that promises are important. A few minutes ago, we read from a book written a long time ago by a man named Jeremiah. It’s a very special book because God told Jeremiah what to write. God told Jeremiah to write about God keeping his promises. That should make us feel happy! 

So many promises God made to us! God promised to hear our every prayer.  God loves to give good things to us! God promised to always be there when we need help and call to God. God promised us that he will forgive us for our sins every time we ask for forgiveness, and best of all God promised us that he will takes us to Heaven if we listen to his Son, Jesus.

In the Gospel story I just read, Jesus makes still another promise.  He promises that he will come to earth again at the end of the world.  We are waiting for Jesus to come back because he promised he would. While we wait, we should not be sleepy or lazy. Jesus tells us stay awake, pray, and get ready for him to come back. 

Since we are thinking about God’s promises to us, why don’t we make some promises of our own? What would you like to promise to God today? 

Maybe you will promise God to be a better friend, or a better sister or brother. Maybe you promise to remember that God always loves you. Maybe you promise to avoid sin so to welcome Christ into your pure heart at Christmas. We should all promise to always be thankful to God for all his promises to us. 

Whatever you promise, God will help you do it. And if you mess up, don’t worry! Just tell God you are sorry and try harder next time. God always loves you no matter what. So be ready! Be ready for Jesus to come at Christmas. Be ready for Jesus to come again at the end of the world. Watch and keep praying! 

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