The Way I See It: Week 11 – “Alone”

Joey’s Interpretation of “Alone”

This week’s theme is “Alone.”

Joey’s Interpretation: Life is a journey. As we walk and wander, are we ever really alone? When we freely choose to believe in a loving-creator God who always accompanies us, then we are never alone, not really. We may embark upon steep trails or face daunting challenges, but we always and forever know–in our hearts–that the Good Shepard walked before us, will walk after us, and will always walk with us.

Rey’s Interpretation: You can do a lot with a theme like “Alone”. Many of those possibilities floated through my mind all week and it was hard to contain my ambition. But the days were all nose-down and eyes-on-the-prize at work so I only had limited time to get out with my camera. That said, it became immediately clear to me that this theme would be the perfect way to showcase the lone leaf still holding on to the branch. So, that’s what I looked for. And found. Post-processing treatment was aimed at emphasizing the point.

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